Welcome to our new home! Nowa community has expanded from Discord! Here's how to use our new place :)

Hey to all our amazing Nowa builders!

We are super glad that our community just hit more than 1000 members on Discord :partying_face: Therefore, it’s time for us to move to a bigger and more advanced house for all of us

Introducing Nowa community official site :house:

This will be the new home for our community :tada: Here you will be able to share your thoughts, follow up with different topics and categories, interact with other members, and get help way better than before! We are super excited to see how you all will benefit from this upgrade and hope you all will be happy here :slight_smile:

Why moving?

Discord was the starting place for us, but as our community grew, the discussions and topics volume grew to a level that made Discord inefficient to handle.

Some topics were getting lost, duplicated, or getting late replies which is something we hated. This new site will be a huge improvement, let’s see how :eye:

Will the community on Discord shut down?

No, we will keep the Discord community alive as well, but it won’t be our official place anymore. This means that it won’t be as active and vibrant as this one, but we will maintain it as well.

What can I do here:

There are a lot of things you can do now that weren’t possible in our older place on Discord, and here are some of the things you can do here:

  • Create new posts under different categories, replay to existing ones, or show appreciation by liking them
    • Topics created under a single category but can have multiple tags for it.
  • Great power while typing a post or a replay
    • Style your text using Markdown, HTML, or BBCode
    • Attach images, tables, calendars, etc.
    • Embed other topics, or external websites such as Youtube, Github, X, and more by just pasting their link in the editor while posting or replaying
    • Create polls to gather opinions fast and easy
  • Set “watching” for categories or specific topics you are interested in to get notified by email for any new replay.
  • Save interesting topics by clicking on “Bookmark”.
    • View them by clicking on your profile icon on the top right, then the bookmark icon :bookmark:
  • Tag other members using @
  • Follow specific members to get notified of their posts and activities
  • Create your personal profile: add a bio, avatar, and a little background about you
    • Customize your sidemenue, ex: choose the categories you want to see on the left menu
    • View your active history: keep track of your activities by viewing your topics, replies, reads, drafts, likes and bookmarks under your account settings
  • Chat with all members and the team under General chat channel.
    • You can also open threads for specific topics in the chat to make it easy to have multiple discussions simultaneously
  • Chat privately with a specific member of the community or any member of Nowa team
    • here are the team accounts: @anas @ludo @shadi (feel free to chat with us anytime :wink: )
  • View all topics at once together by clicking on Topics on the left menu
  • Filter topics according to categories, tags, latest, most popular, or published in a certain time frame
  • Search for existing topics before posting new ones, to see if it’s already answered
  • Use from Desktop or Mobile
  • Receive Trust Level Promotions: As you engage more with the community, receive promotions to higher trust levels with additional privileges.
  • Earn badges for your activities, keep reading to know more :wink:

50 badges are waiting for you :shield:

Show more love and collect more badges at the same time for being an active and helpful member of Nowa community :fire: The more you post, like, get likes, help others, etc you will earn more and more badges.

Members with more number of badges will get special offers and privileges from us :heart:

Available categories and chat channels

  • General For general topics and discussions on Nowa and App development that don’t fit under other categories

  • Questions and Support For questions regarding using Nowa and getting support from the team and other members

  • Feature requests For requesting new features and following up with their releases

  • Bug reports : For reporting bugs and following up with their fixes

  • Academy For requesting and sharing tutorials and documentation on using Nowa

  • Made with Nowa For sharing your work with Nowa and viewing other’s work for feedback and collaboration

  • Announcements For announcements and updates published by Nowa team

  • General : this is a chat channel, where you can chat and get to know other members in one group

Start now :fire:

What are you waiting for? You can start by doing one (or more) of the following:

  • Sign up under a minute here: use your email or sign up with google.
  • Introduce yourself in our chat channel General
  • View topics under the categories you are interested in. View all categories here.
  • Or better, if there’s something in your mind, go post it under one of the available categories, and the team with other members will follow up with you

is this still true? Is this really the new home for the NOWA community??? For example the Release notes for V1.5 is on discord for some days, not here…
And on the App screen, I was sent to Discord, not here.