Version 1.5.5 is live πŸ”₯ Override state functions, restore last tabs and more

Hey everyone!

You can add initState and dispose functions and restore last opened tabs :wink:

New :sparkles:

  • Ability to override initState and dispose: In Circuit, click on + button on the left side next to Functions, then choose initState or dispose to override them. For more, click here

  • Last opened tabs are restored: no more of opening your boards and tabs again! your last opened tabs will be restored when you reopen your project

Fixes :adhesive_bandage:

  • Component crash when reordering wrappers
  • SVGs not showing in Designer or file picker after uploading them
  • Releasing to Android ends up failing due to conflict in Java version
  • Error with feedback and Report in sending data
  • Problems with renaming widgets
  • Performance improvments

Coming next

  • New firstore dashboard for better and easier use
  • Streams on Firestore: you will be able to update your data in real-time
  • Improvements on Authentication flow: to enable auto login for signed users
  • Push notifications

:scroll: A small note from the team: iOS build is currently not working when using a new signing key. We are working on it at the moment and will be fixed very soon if you have an iOS distribution certificate already then use it’s key and it should work fine. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and if you experienced any problem, please share it with us! We need your feedback to make Nowa the tool you always wanted!

Hope you guys are excited as we are for what’s coming :fire::eyes: