V1.7 is just LIVE 🔥 Complete New Files Panel, Better error detection, and plenty improvements

A new version 1.7 is just LIVE :fire: with a Complete New Files Panel :file_folder: Better error detection, and plenty of bug fixing and improvements. Let’s dive deeper :wink:

New :sparkles:

:sparkles: A complete new Files panel: Everything now is organised in files, from the screens and components, to API calls and Firebase queries, to objects and even boards

  • Access the new files panel by clicking on “Files” tab next to the Outline on the left
  • Drag and drop files to the board to edit their UI
  • Click on any files to open it’s editor. API files will opened in theit API editor, Screen/components file will be opened inside Circuit, etc.
  • Click on + next to lib to create new component, object, global state, etc
  • Click on + next to boards to create a new board (or from the tabs)
  • Ctrl/CMD + O to open files panel to search and open files and boards quickly!

:sparkles: Nowa Error system got more POWER now: The error system in able to detect more erros for now. For example, the error system will notify you if you are using a variable that was deleted in a widget

Fixes :adhesive_bandage:

  • Fix some problems appears when loading existing projects
  • Fix clicking inside boards not responding for some cases
  • Fix selection not responding from first click on the board
  • Fix problem with Supabase “Query not found” when opening the project again
  • Fix some drag and drop problems with Rive widget
  • Fix errors with generated code when using colors or fonts.
  • Fix problems with permissions required while not needed

What’s coming next :eyes:

  • Creating themes for an app
  • New enhanced ListView and Gridview widgets
  • A new Advanced API system
  • Full app templates

We love to hear from you :slight_smile: if you have any feedback or notes, please share it with us!

Let’s go build somthing big :fire:

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