V1.4.3 | Firebase is officially here! what's new in this release


We just released an early version (V1.4.3) with ONE HUGE feature and alot of bug fixing and improvements Now, you can finally connect your project to Firebase and have an authentication system with Sign in with Google, email and password and OTP This comes with alot of other improvements and bug fixings!

We will release a full tutorial and documentation about it within the next days, so stay tuned!

New :new:

  • Firebase setup and authentication system : setup your project with Firebase, and support a full authentication system using google, email and password, or OTP
  • Adding a form validator to text fields : now you can add conditions to a Text field, such as to be not empty, force a min or max character number, to be a valid email, to have a certain min or max characters, or by typing your custom Regex
  • Adding ifNull operator in Circuit
  • PageView widget indicator effects are now customizable
  • Double click on variables name to rename it in the Variables section

Fixes :adhesive_bandage:

  • Fix a problem that causes cloud builds to fail
  • Fix a problem with the generated code for Admob
  • Fix an issue with local variables not appearing in Circuit sometimes

A new fully updated version of the documentation, and a new tutorials on using the variables system and Firebase are coming the next few days, so stay tuned :wink:

Hope you are excited as we are Let us know what you think :wink:

We still have bigger surprises coming :gift: :fire: