V1.4.2 is out with some improvements and important bug fixes

Hey Nowa builders :construction_worker_man: even though we release a new version every two weeks, we just released a new one already (after one week) that is mainly hold alot of bug fixing that couldn’t wait.

So what’s coming in V1.4.2?


  • Show unsaved files in the unsaved changes popup
  • Adding shrinkwrap option to HTML to make it’s height dynamic
  • Adding param option to Data builder API to pass dynamic values to to API GET requests
  • Add the option to create a parameter for properties using the details menu
  • New UI for the active plan and for comparison between plans
  • Add advanced options to gesture detector and inkwell


  • Fix project loading when using global variables
  • Fix the color field crashing when changing the opacity
  • Fix problems with Circuit nodes not connecting sometimes
  • Fix problem with Bottom navigation bar icons not being replaced
  • Fix problem with SVG widget not updating after replacing the SVG file
  • Fix problem with layout and wrapper options not appearing for dynamic content (children that is connected to a list)
  • Fix problems with the selection of multiple widgets

Be sure to refresh the browser to get the latest version if you using Nowa on web

Check out the release notes for more

If there’s any bug that you faced lately please feel free to report it we are working hard to fix any issue that prevent you from building the exact app in your mind

Hope you are already doing progress with your projects If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask, we are here for you :orange_heart:


Hi man
thanks for these updates
The new UI is not showing how many builds used [like 2 out of 5]
so i dont know how many builds i got before the reset!


Hey @mohd, thanks for sharing it. It was removed since in all our plans the builds are unlimited (excpet for AppSumo) but we will release an update to show the number.

Hi @anas, I was one of the first to purchase the AppSumo deal, when there were only two tiers, Tier 1 & Tier 2, and Tier 2 was basically unlimited everything at the time. I even hopped in on a call with the Nowa team at the time. I know that eventually, the AppSumo deal terms changed and it became three Tiers. I wasn’t aware of a build limit, so can you share what the limit is? Thanks. Sri


Hey @mustardseedit Sure! so Tier1 had 5 builds a week, Tier2 had 10 and Tier3 is unlimited. Actually there was Tier3 since day one, maybe it wasn’t visible due to a technicical error or something on the site.

If you need any help please let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks @anas, so being that I have T3, I needn’t worry about build limits then. Keep up the great work Nowa team, really glad to see the platform improving steadily!

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