Upcoming: Filters in the Widget Picker 🎨 Which optino do you prefer?

Hello everyone! :wave:t2:

When building big apps, it becomes easy to get lost in a lot of components and screens, and looking for them can slow down our building process.
For this reason we have been thinking of implementing Filters is the Widget Picker !

Until now, I have come up with two possible design solutions for this UX enhancement:

Option 1: Use chips to select and search for a specific category.
Option 2: Select the category you want to search in from a dropdown menu in the search bar.

Which one do you prefer? Do you have alternative ideas that you would like to see? Let us now! :eyes:


option one is the simplest or you can use dropdown menus and still allow matching items to be searched in all menus

Option 1 is more common and clear.

Option 2 because it will allow more filter options in the future. Can’t fit more than 3 filter options in Option 1. Plan for growth.

Currently Missing β€œAll” as a filter option. It should be the default option on top for Option 2.