Please provide tutorial to use local storage

Please provide a tutorial to use local storage library for the project - for example using ISAR / ObjectBox / Hive etc in project to store data locally instead of using Supabase / Airtable so that we can create an offline app.


Hey @deecal

Thanks for posting here and for sharing your thoughts! Local storage is still under development for now but as soon as it’s released we will have a tutorial about it :slight_smile:

I will keep you updated!

Thanks for the quick response.
Is the underlying technology Flutter?
If so, it should be relatively not as complicated to allow Developer/User to plug-in & use any local storage - so hopefully you can make this available sooner

Yes it’s Flutter.

It’s not complicated of course, and it’s definitely on the roadmap :slight_smile: we are now working on improving the core of Nowa, and soon we will be supporting things as local storage.

Thanks for sharing here :slight_smile:

any estimated timing for this local storage implementation ?

So @vander we already have SharedPref where you can store key-value pairs locally for like saving token, user settings, etc.

You can find the nodes under SharedPref section in Circuit to use Set and Get nodes to set and get data.

But are you talking about local storage as local database like sqllite?

imagine I want to build a simple CRM, and then also have the whole data inside my phone (contacts, notes, status, etc) in the case I´m in a region without internet access, so depend on a server and can´t find the phone number or address of the customer I´m visiting is complicated.
So like an SQlite local file with such info that when connected update the files (in the mobile or at the server), but have offline content.
Same could be applied to several other applications too.
I saw things like ElectricSQL, powersync, RxDB, replicache,, that could also do this offline portion, but seems would need to integrate then with like Supabase and Nowa, as example.