"On pressed" won't work in drawer for button

I honestly don’t know if it is a bug or am not doing it correctly.
when i create a drawer, it will appear as a page outside, if i add a button inside it, the “on pressed” option will not work and not activated.

The only solution i do, is i create a button inside a normal page, modify it and then after that drag it to the drawer.

if there is another way/correct way please let me know

Hello @mohd, now you can edit the ‘drawer’ directly through the scaffold. You can even preview the changes in real time when you play the app. Simply click on ‘children’ and begin editing after clicking the ‘pencil’ icon. The button should be editable when you open the circuit from the ‘Details’ panel. Please refer to my screenshot for reference.

I will try to upload it for you.
It doesn’t work for me at all.
I believe genuinely that my account is haunted because i feel that am the only one who got these issues :rofl:

In your scaffold, when you click the brush/pencil, the drawer should appear as ‘group’ that you can customize further when you open it. By clicking + on the ‘Children’ and expanding it, you can insert any desired widget inside the ‘drawer’. You can also create a custom component for a more advanced drawer if you want.

I underatand that.
By doing so, when i add a button, then go down to “on pressed” and i click on it, nothing appears.
I can only modify the width/height/font and button color, but other attributes inside “on pressed” no

Maybe you can attach the screenshot so that we can see the problem.