No image seen - Problem with asset

When I download the project to my PC and run it on my cell phone, the ASSET images are not visible.

It looks like this

vs ( nowa enviroment)

proyect 65d48ef287385ce3024d5931

when you did download the code, is the image in the folder “assets” ?
check the name, and it seems the image name is really long.

first thanks for responding. Yes, the folder exist and image are in the folder.

Hello. Created a new project, short image name…same problem


Hey @claudioc ,

Thanks for reporting that! seems this is a bug. I will open a ticket for it and get back to you with a fix as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and applogize for this problem.

Did this ever get fixed? Still experiencing the same error.
For such a basic thing and something most apps will encounter, the time to wait for a bugfix seems like way too long, especially seeing no real progress at any other aspect of the app at the moment :frowning:

Hey @claudioc and @DasSpeedy. I am very sorry for that bug. We found out that in some cases for assets it doesn’t load probably when uploading them to a cloud project.

But no worries about it, we are fixing it now and will be fixed in the upcoming release.

In the meanwhile, if you can use your project as a local one to upload the assets then it will work (in case you have access to the Desktop version).

Hey @claudioc and @DasSpeedy again :slight_smile: we are still working on fixing the issue, but as a quick solution you can do the following:

  • Use links instead of uploading the image
  • Download the project, open it locally in Nowa and upload the assets again. When deploying or running it on an emaulator it should be working fine.

The problem happens for some image assets when using them inside the cloud project itself.