My first Nowa app is LIVE

I have just released my app [in Arabic] at google play, the first app i do and upload using Nowa.
just needs some tweaks to fix the icon bug, but no worries more updates are coming up.
I made it simple and easy to navigate.

you can check it out and let me know :


Congrats on launching your app! What a great idea to make informational and resourceful apps with Nowa. Keep up the great work!

Congrats @mohd :fire: , We are happy you got to make your app :partying_face: The mission is nice in helping immigrants navigate through the process.

I am looking forward to see the coming versions of it :fire:

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This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this :star_struck:

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Congratulations, @mohd! Your achievement has inspired other Nowa users to create and publish their own apps! :smiley:

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let us hope more people will post here.
i have another app coming up and one in the making, but i still need to figure out the “get” in the API section since am no expert in this issue


If you need any help in building the GET request just let me know, but check out our documentation page and this Youtube tutorial to learn how to set it up

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I wrote the question on the support/question section, ot is a little different than the news app i guess since i need to show many different lines

App looks coole OP.

I am happy to see apps being released. Encouraging.

Thank you.
I already have 2 more ready in Apple’s website, but waiting for Nowa’s update to fix the Admob issue in Apple.