Link Manual Accounts to Google SSO (Login to Nowa)

When Logging into Nowa, We have to use manual accounts (user/pass) to log into the dashboard, and when using the Google SSO to log into Nowa, it doesn’t link together, and throws out an error that the email exists. Therefore, we can’t (for example) use our own custom SSO when logging into Nowa, and also have to remember to log in manually while handling other busy projects.

Feature Request:
Link Google Accounts SSO with Nowa Login, so you can either login with User/Pass, or by clicking Google Accounts. Also, maybe add an ability to change profile picture (or default to Google Accounts Profile Picture), and optionally allow custom SSO login for specific domains to make it seamless to access Nowa.


Hey @Jnsystems

Thanks for posting here :slight_smile: yes if you use email/password you won’t be able to use Google sign in and vise versa because each one is different credentials. This is made like that due to some security reasons.

If you wish to change the way you login just send us an email on and we will do that for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your prompt response,

Is there a timeframe to implement 2FA for Nowa App Builder Login and Custom Profile Pictures for Nowa Dashboard?