Ios Build to .ipa package, large videos issues

When trying to build for ios, I don’t see an option to generate an .ipa file directly so we can test the application on a real ios device. The built in web emulators for some reason, doesn’t suffice our use cases, as shown below:

Also, Nowa doesn’t use actual emulators like appetize, (at the time of writing), (maybe due to cost) but I don’t think the desktop version integrates directly to android studio, (don’t see an option for that).
This feature would be fundamental for those users that can’t justify having an app developer account on apple and (even on testflight), as an .ipa file (like android .apk files) allows for self install outside of the respective application stores.


Also, Nowa is having issues with medium sized video files, or maybe there is a weird issue when building a 1 widget app.

I use to get error like this.
my solution.

  1. try to build on release tab multiple times.
  2. if not working, create new project and try again.

hope it helps.

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