Help in Get in API connection

I would like to know if anyone can help me in this, because honestly am not good at all in API.

I want to create a page to show (for example) 100 lines from airtable when i update them. (Coloum A and column B)
The next day there could be different numbers and could be 80 lines or 150 or sometimes 20.

How can i make the app show these whole lines with the ability the scroll too becaue 100 lines can’t fit in a screen

Hi Support.
I have created a table on airtable [1 column and 2 lines] for testing purposes.
the issue now it is only showing 1 line and the 2nd name is not showing at all.

i want to know how can i make the text field to show more lines [some times i have 50 lines and sometimes i have 250 lines i want to show]
and is there a way to make it dynamic scrolling to suite the lines been calling ?
image attached

Hey @mohd,

So if you want to show multiple rows from Airtable, then you should use a Listview because Airtable gives the data in a list. Or, with logic, you need to combine the value of the rows together and save them in a new varibale, then connect that variable to the text widget.

To make the text able to resize according to the number of lines, simply set the height for it to be “auto” instead of “fixed”

hi @anas
i selected Listview, then add a databuilder, chose the source and API and the parameter name, but the list view is empty
As noticed in my 1st post, in text area i chose [data -field- then name string]
but in the list view am unable to adjust the attributes for the listview

Hey @mohd,

So the data builder only injects the result from the API into your widget tree, but you still didn’t connect it to the Listview that’s why it’s empty still.

Select the ListView, then click on children, then inside the popup open local and choose the list that is coming from the data builder, which usually will have the name data.

Be sure to have a placeholder for the listview (a widget to hold the content of each item) so if it was a Text widget, then choose the placeholder, click on text property and choose element. This will connect each placeholder Text widget from the element recieved from the list.

Be aware if the List isn’t a list of string, then you should navigate to the end result you need,for example if each item in the list is an object that has a variable inside as a string with the name var1, then when choosing “element”, click again on it and choose “var1” (dive deeper until you get the data type you want).

Hope this helps! You can also take a look at the GET request document that we have on :slight_smile:

Hi @anas
I have tried but still there is issues coming up, so i have decided to shift and try Supabase, i did follow this video for Recipe app on your youtube channel

but there is something always come missing, the list of variables are not visible [i have 2 variables, one for images and one for text]
and image attached, i dont know if this option has changed in location since the last update or not
Image below, the right circle with “variable” are not to be visible at all in my screen