Grandfathered Into New Limits?


Last summer I bought the highest license tier for your application from AppSumo. Since then I have kept up with your progress and use the desktop app almost every day to prototype my ideas. You’ve done a fantastic job. This thing is AMAZING. However, I do have some nagging/troublesome questions:

Your AppSumo listing states: “Previous AppSumo customers will be grandfathered into the new feature limits.”

Does this mean that my current subscription will be adjusted to match any increases in feature limits that you may offer to new customers in the future? Or does it simply mean that my existing limits will remain in place despite changes to new user plans?

I would really dislike feeling like I am missing out on something. I love your application so much I want to make sure I grant myself the best license with the best features & highest limits. What is the difference between your previous and your new license [Tier-3]? Thank you for your time and all of your hard work.


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