Error creating appBar component

Hello. Report a problem: when creating a component on an AppBar that worked on a page, the page was blocked, could not be used and after exiting and reentering, it gave an error.

I undid everything with the intention of determining the time and sequence of the error and I succeeded. I will detail it so you can determine and correct the problem.

  1. Create the “Bienvenida” page that contains an AppBar, a series of texts and a YouTube video. Since I want to use the same appbar on all pages, I accessed the AppBar properties (see imagen_1.png)
  2. Create the component….
  3. And the problem appeared like the first time

    Although all the ‘widgets’ are visible in the left panel… it does not work.
    I won’t touch anything until your response.
    The project is: Nowa

In a second test I created the same appbar as a separate component and then added it as a screen property and got the same result: the screen is locked.

If you set the property to null, everything works again. I conclude that an appBar component is not accepted in the screen’s appBar property

Hey @claudioc, thanks for reporting the issue clealy, this was very helpful :slight_smile:

You are right, there’s an issue when the component is the Appbar. I will open a ticket for it and get back to you with a fix as soon as possible.