Displaying an image in an array


In my Supabase Products table I have an array with multiple objects containing info about images I want to display.
The same post(row) also contains info about the product such as title, description, price, stock etc.

In my app I’m building I want to display this info in a wrapper object (Title, price, description) and the FIRST image in this array. How can I accomplish this?

This is how the array looks like:
“{\n "is_youtube_thumbnail":false,\n "position":"1",\n "title":"1705930560655f54d15c87d.jpeg",\n "url":"https://quickbutik.imgix.net/32335Q/products/1705930560655f54d15c87.jpeg\”\n }“,
“{\n "is_youtube_thumbnail":false,\n "position":"2",\n "title":"1705930561655f53e8bf942.jpeg",\n "url":"https://quickbutik.imgix.net/32335Q/products/1705930561655f53e8bf94.jpeg\”\n }”

@anas, @ludo, do you have time to look at this?