Creating a membership app

I want to create a “restricted” area, where logged in users can see specific content and add data to a database. Is this possible with nowa? If yes, are there tutorials?


Hey @jayjay, Almost yes! so the only thing missing is your ability to save variables (such is the user information) globally across the screens, this will be live in the next release (coming Monday) :wink:

When it’s released we will release a tutorial how to use it, and I will post it here.

Also, how would you allow access for some users only, is it like a button that will appear for certain users? or how are you thinking about the UX for it?

Hi @anas, great news. I want to build a login screen. Upon successful login, the user should gain access to specific information and contribute to a database via a form.

It would be great, if you could share tutorials for these aspects! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing that! so right now you can do a login screen using REST API if you already have an API for that, but very soon we will release Firebase Auth integration so you won’t need to have your own backend for that.

This, with the combination with Global variables, will make you do what you intend to do.

I will keep it in my mind and release a tutorial covering that case for you, thanks for sharing!

Alright. Is a Supabase Auth implementation also planned?

Yes! but it will come later after Firebase Auth since it’s more advanced in Firebase