Building a scanner app

Hi, i have actual experience with building sites but zero experience with building mobile apps.

I want to build a scanner app, the question is “does NOWA has all the components i need to build a scanner app?”

Mainly i’m worried about the component part that is responsible for access the camera and actually scan the barcode, does something like that exists in NOWA?

The rest i feel confident because it’s pretty much about adding rows and containers, padding, margins like usual web design but the scanning part is worrying me a lot!


Hello @Marzio! :wave:t2: Thanks for giving Nowa a try :raised_hands:t2:
We currently do not have a scanner widget, but we are constantly expanding our widget library, and this widget is already in our development plans.

If you wish to share, it would be useful for us to learn a bit more about your use case, so we can see what is needed for it and add the missing features

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@ludo do you have an ETA for the scanner widget to be released?

The use case is to develop a barcode scanner app for internal business use like for example inventory management.

Upon scanning the barcode of a product on the next page i want to retrieve how many products are left in stock by using the GET method API call to our database.

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