Backend integration

Hi, I came across this app called
I was previously lookin at integrating Airtable with Nowa as a backend .

The Aitable app support has stated the following " As a backend database, help build product prototype quickly and validate ideas.

AITable can easily store up to 10,000 lines of data that you can view as a lightweight NoSQL database without a SQL command, easily read and write data using the AITable’s API.

  • Developing a Zelda Menu that can easily read menu data from AITable
  • Developing a lightweight course forum website to easily read discussion data from AITable
  • Developing a simple note app to store notes data easily into AITable

Currently, AITable supports 7 types of API interfaces: records, fields, views, attachments, spaces, work directories, and contacts, please check the API Reference for more details."

Would it be possible to integrate Nowa with with this app?

Now’s use case : directory similar to google apps on a specific niche.

Would this cause the info to load very slow on the app if the info is being called through a third party appp?? Or can the information be downloaded/ rendered on the app?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hey @Samjleon, thanks for posting here! For sure you can intergate any tool you want with Nowa using API, so even for Aitable it should work :wink:

For the speed, it depends completly on the API provider (in this case Aitable) and not on the app itself. The apps made with Nowa generated with clean code that is optimized for performance.

So don’t worry, connecting to a 3rd party provider or even many of them at the same time won’t slow your app at all if their server speed is good and stable.

Check out our Data section in the documentation to see how to use the API tool in Nowa

Also, watch this video to see how to implement POST API requests


Thanks for the comprehensive reply :pray:t2:
Just wondering if using something like Aitable is better than using Google sheets integrated with Pabbly?

Again use case is to have a a directory similar to the pics attached.

@anas Sorry hoping to try and get some clarity on whether my vision can be achieved using Nowa…apologies about the follow up reply/post.

Can i incorporate the google maps API into NOWA?

I came accross this other site which allows you to ibed maps with categories similar as to what i want to achieve:

But this is incorporated on a website as opposed to an app.

Youtube : explainer here

There is another one called: Swing2app

Is this just a matter of configuring the google maps API? Could we perhaps have some templates predesigned similar to " NoCodeMAP App:

Hey @Samjleon, no worries at all we are here to help you in the end :wink:

So regarding which tool is better for your, I can’t say that because it depends purly on your design preference and how you would imagine it to work, but since both can be connected using REST API then both can be integrated with your app in Nowa. You can check with their teams as well so they give you more precise answers for you to decide which one to go with.

For Google maps, it’s not live yet but it’s integration is already planned and hopefully will be live within few weeks.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:

Wish you all the luck for your coming project!


Thanks so much Anas :pray:t2: basically I want to use Nowa to replicate what’s done in those apps.

It’s great to hear the integration of google maps is coming.