Adding more power to the HTML

Good morning
Now the HTML is very good to have when creating an app, but MOST of html features we have can’t be addes or implemented due to missing more important things : java + css.

When we selecte to add the HTML, we only got 1 box to add an HTML code.
Imagine the power we can get if we can add our own html button or design along with java and css!

I think this can improve design and work as well.

can’t u just stuff it in script and style tags?

would it work to create buttons ?
I haven’t really done this before, do you know a website/video tutorial for this ?

Hey @mohd

That would be great but Nowa apps are based on Flutter to be able to support Mobile mainly next to the web, it’s a different technology that web technologies therefore the HTML widget that can be used to embed HTML is only suitable for basic rendering. It also can’t run JS code inside.

But what are you trying to achieve with JS and CSS? because you can do it directly with the Flutter widgets offered mostly without the need to use HTML, JS and CSS for that

I have statistics that needs to have bar shapes depends on the numbers weekly.

If there is something on Nowa (for the future) where we can have like pie and bar diagrams as statistics (where it can get values from the API calling) that would be great.