About the amount of builds

I did notice something [and i thought i could be wrong] my build reset was about 2/2/2024
when the 1.4.2 came, the date shifted to 6/2/2024
when 1.4.3 came last week it was shifted to 11/2/2024
now i just updated to 1.4.4 and the build reset changed to 13/2/2024

now, does these updates gave me fresh new 5 builds ? because since end of December until now i used 3 builds, so do i have 2 more or 5 now ?

The updates are showing me only the resets and not how many still available !

Yesterday the build reset for my plan was on Feb 23rd.
I just updated it now Feb 21 to 1.5 Version
and the build reset is now March 1, that’s more than a week reset
don’t you think it is time to remove this barrier :grinning:

Hey @mohd,

Thanks for reporting that. We will take a look at it immediatly.

For removing the reset limit completly you can simply upgrade to Tier3 where it’s unlimited :slight_smile: otherwise we can’t remove the build limit unfortunately.

At this moment i have no major issue with that, but the timing keeps jumping every week and extending, now the build reset is after 10 days