A very important release is just LIVE (V1.7.1) with urgent bugs fixing

Please be sure to update your version as soon as possible :rotating_light: to avoid possible problems while working on your dream apps :slight_smile:

Fixes :adhesive_bandage:

  • Fix the problem with screens and component crashing due to problems with the generated code for some colors and font weights (You might get a popup to reset colors and font weights that are causing the crash)
  • Fix the problem of Homescreen being missed when reopening the project
  • Fix problems with connecting nodes in Circuit
  • Fix problems with code generation erros for nullability
  • Fix problem with nodes in Circuit returning Object instead of the actual type
  • Fix problem of error not showing when broken files are being loaded
  • Fix problem with boards in the new files panel

If you have any other problem please let us know! :eyes:

We are now leveling up our support level for you :construction_worker:
So don’t hesitate to reach out! We are here to help you :orange_heart:

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